Saad Musa Group


An Overview

Saad Musa Garments was established in the year of 2001 with the vision to provide the best client service at the garments manufacturing era. It values its customer’s opinion as well as satisfaction while providing products. Saad Musa Garments assures standard quality, technical requirements and skilled professionals in order to enhance its fame. It’s main focus is to earn the trust and confidence of local and international markets. And Saad Musa Garments has already proved dedicating towards producing only the highest quality designed products. Again it has the perfectionist level of cutting, sewing, dry process, wet process, finishing, quality assurance, testing laboratory.

Factory Address Khaja Road, Kulgaon, Jalalabad Chittagong-4214, Bangladesh.
Year of Establishment 2001
Purpose of The Establishment To Make Readymade Garments in Export Quality
Company Registration 3454 - This company registered in Bangladesh and all Rules & regulation are followed to Bangladesh Company act.
Factory Area 65,000 SFT
Production Capacity 35,000 DZN / Month (Basic 5pkt)
Production Line 16 Production Lines (50 Machine/Line)
Number of Employee 1500
Production Lead Time 90-120 Days

Product Description

We have total 1200 sewing machines in 16 lines for woven (each line has 15 machines) and 400 machines for knit
Bus Bar Truncking System for Electrification.
Capacity for doing all types of Men’s & s Women’s L/S & S/S s L/S & S/S Shirts, Long Pant, Shorts, Shirts, Long Pant, Shorts, Bermuda, Kid Bermuda, Kid’s Item etc.

Our Vision & Strategy

We provide complete compliant environment to enusre worker safety.Thus, we believe to increase our productivity and build skilled employees. We also arrange, cultural activities so that our workers are entertained and deliver their best at workplace.

Our vision is to increase more lines to meet the huge demand of ready made garments and knitwear all over the world.



Machine Type No of Sets Origin
Single Needle Lock Stich (Plain Machine)
JUKI DDL 8300 N 190 China
JUKI DDL 8500 83 Japan
Single Needle Edge Trimmer (D.L.M) Machine
JUKI DLM 5200 N 3 Japan
Double Needle Lock Stitch Machine
JUKI LH-3528 S 19 Japan
JUKI LH-31128 20 Japan
JUKI LH-3168 4 Japan
Double Needle Six Thread Over Lock Machine
JUKI MO-6743 S 39 China
PEGASUS M-752-355 11 Japan
Double Needle Five Thread Over Lock Machine
JUKI MO 3600 21 China
BROTHER MA4-31 5 Japan
YAMATA FY 2100 S 6 China
Double Needle Four Thread Over Lock Machine
JUKI MO-67143 S 6 Japan
Feed Off The Arm Machine
JUKI MS-1261 22 Japan
Double Needle Chain Stitch Machine
JUKI MH-380 14 Japan
Flat Lock Machine
PEGASUS W15-62-01G 10 China
JUKI MF-7605U-806-B56 6 USA
YAMATA FY-31016-01CB 7 China
Computerized Button Attaching Machine
JUKI LK-1903 6 Japan
Computerized Bartacking Machine
JUKI LK-1900A HS 6 Japan
JUKI LKOEA-1900 8 Japan
Computerized Eye-Let Button Hole Machine
JUKI MED-3200J 2 Japan