ENI Global


ENI Global is the Investment & Energy wing of Saad Musa Group. The company is solely dedicated to nurture the possibilities of Green Energy in Bangladesh. ENI is a bridging partner between the Project Sponsors and EPC service providers.

Business Areas

ENI’s business areas are as following:

  • Technical Solution for Solar PV Plants.
  • Financial Solution for Energy and other projects.
  • Trading of Energy and related Commodities.

Technical Solution for Solar PV Plants.

Bangladesh is going through the most exciting phase of development in recent years. One of such excitements resulted in this country’s promise toward building a sustainable energy for its people. Hence more and more renewable energy plants are being planned. It opened a whole array of opportunities for the businesses. But, technology has been the key issue as always. ENI Global will provide the perfect solution in this case through its foreign affiliates.

Financial Solution for Energy and other projects

Not only technology, ENI will bring in best financial solutions to its clients. On one hand, it will act to ensure security of investment for local and/or foreign financiers. On the other hand, ENI will provide best cost effective financial solution to its clients.

Trading of Energy and related Commodities

ENI Global has been active in the field of trading of energy and related equipment for a long time. Its foreign partners spans across Asia, Europe and North America. ENI has a great network of professionals that has fuelled its growth in the past. ENI’s relentless effort has made it a trusted business partner to many. With the acquisition by vibrant Saad Musa Group, ENI will launch its jump to the next phase of business development.

Strength behind the scene

ENI Global is being run by top class professionals. The top executives of the company has years of experience in different level of local and overseas job postings. The personnel at ENI Global have had their education from the leading institutes in the country, which ensures their uncompromising stand for quality of work. Now being acquired by Saad Musa Group, the company will have access to more valuable resources.


Saad Musa City Centre (3rd Floor), Pragati Sarani, Kuril, Dhaka 
Email: info@eni-global.com