With a huge investment of 60 million dollars, at SAAD MUSA GROUP FABRICS Ltd, we produce quality fabrics of different construction and types.

The available types are:

Sheeting, Calico, Percale, Poplin, Sateen in any design. Yarns using 6s to 80s in 100% Cotton and Poly Cotton

All types of Twill, Canvas, Panama, Bedford, Oxford, Ottoman, Pique, Herringbone, etc

We produce 100% cotton and blended polycotton fabrics

The available constructions are:

Sateen 40×30,130×70Sateen 60×40,180×120PC Sateen 24×16,122×48
100% Cotton Flannel in 140,160 GSM etc.

In terms of international buyers’ demand, the criteria and quality of the finished products which are required by the customers are going to be impossible to achieve by a Home Textiles Manufacturing Unit unless they have their own spinning mill. Considering this issue as well as having full backward integration of the textile unit, Saad Musa group also set up three own spinning mills consisting of 80,000 spindles in a single area is enormous and not available in Bangladesh under individual entrepreneurship with the capacity of producing 40-ton yarn per day with the initial investment of US$ 75 Million.MAHMUD SAJID COTTON MILLS LTD

Mahmud Sajid Cotton Mills Ltd. is consisting of 34,000 Spindles Spinning projects. The factory area is 2,00,000 Sft. Plant & Machinery Imported from Latvia and Germany made. The production capacity of the unit is 17.50-ton yarn per day. ROKEYA SPINNING MILLS LTD

Rokeya Spinning Mills Ltd. is consisting of 31,200 Spindles Spinning projects. The factory area is 2,00,000 Sft. Plant & Machinery Imported from Check -Republic and Germany made. The production capacity of the unit is 15- ton of yarn per day. EMDAD ETIMA SPINNING MILLS LTD

Emdad Etima Spinning Mills Ltd. is consisting of 14,800 Spindles Spinning projects. Factory area is 1,40,000 Sft. Plant & Machinery Imported from Germany. The production capacity of the unit is 7.50- ton of yarn per day.


Machine NameBrand & OriginTotal UnitCapacity
Blow RoomTrutzselher, GermanyRieter, SwitzerlandCross Roll, UK2 Lines2 Lines1 Line19000 KG15000 KG6000KG
CardingTrutzselher, GermanyRieter, SwitzerlandCross Roll, UK12 Lines12 Lines6 Lines6000 KG6000 KG17500 KG
DrawingZinser, GermanyEngolastate, SwitzerlandVoak, Italy6 Sets4 Sets3 Sets17500 KG6000 KG6000 KG
CombingRieter, Switzerland8 Sets4500 KG
RotorEletax, Czech Republic16000 Heads5500 KG
SimplexZinser, GermanyGrossiner, Switzerland9 Sets5 Sets17000 KG5000 KG
Ring FrameZinser, GermanyToyota, Japan44000 Spindles21000 Spindles15000 KG4000 KG
Auto ConnerSaveo, ItalySclaforez, SwitzerlandMurata Link, Japan9 Sets6 Sets24 Sets13000 KG3000 KG8000 KG

SAAD MUSA GROUP has industries for weaving fabrics with 320 Air Jet Zax Tsudakoma & Sulzer Ruti looms. A brief description is given below: SAAD MUSA FABRICS LTD

Saad Musa Group started the practical operation of the weaving unit in 1994 by installing 97 Nos. of Air Jet Looms with an initial investment of US $ 4 Million Formed as SAAD MUSA WEAVING UNIT and started its commercial production in 1995. The production capacity of this unit is 50,000 Mtrs Per day and from the same time, it has started its own export by catering to the export-oriented garments unit in Bangladesh.SAIMA SAMIRA TEXTILE MILLS LTD.

Due to the extreme demand for RMG & House Hold Textiles and to satisfy existing customers SAAD MUSA GROUP has already set up 223 Zax Tsudakoma Air Jet looms of 153” working width to fulfill the demand for grey fabrics requirement. The production capacity of this unit is 1,00,000 Mtrs Per day with a new investment of US$ 30 MillionSULTAN HABIBA FABRICS MILLS LTD.

This is an under-construction fabrics manufacturer for SAAD MUSA INDUSTRIAL PARK.


Machine NameBrand & OriginTotal UnitWorking Width/Production Capacity
Thudakum Airjet LoomZex, Japan223330cm & 1250000 mtr/month in 550 RPM
Investa LoomP – Loom, Czeslovakea40190cm & 8000 mtr/day in 350 RPM
Sulzer RutiL – 6000, Switzerland39190cm & 7000 mtr/day in 350 RPM
Production Capacity

The current production capacity is 4 million meters per month including dyeing and printing.